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Who We Are

BlueSky Memorials was developed by an award-winning team that has been in the design and writing field for over 10 years. We create classic, professional-looking, yet affordably-priced websites and have recently ventured into the creation of Internet memorials. We will turn your photos and information into a beautiful memorial that will be accessible to all. We will use your words and memories of your loved one to create a thoughtful, well-phrased and loving tribute.

Our Design Standards

BlueSky Memorials creates memorials that are classic and elegant. We don't believe in fancy background "wallpapers," flashy graphics, or other trendy styles. Our simple design philosophy allows the elements and words inbued throughout the memorial pages to highlight the person, and not the page creator. Take a look at our memorials to see what we mean. You will remember the person, not the page.

Preserving Memories

BlueSky Memorials is dedicated to preserving the histories of those we loved. Although it is often difficult to visit memorials and cemeteries, we still need to hold on to our memories. The Internet has provided the perfect remedy. It is fast becoming accessible to everyone and continues to be more and more a part of our daily lives. We believe the memorials created and maintained here will be long-lasting and preserved for generations to come.

Serving Families

BlueSky Memorials will create a tasteful, loving tribute for your loved one. We will include an obituary or funeral notice, but our memorials also provide much more than facts. We help others to know about the real person and his or her life, hobbies, loves, and character. We include birth, marriage, and death information, but we also know that more important inclusions are your pictures, verses, and memories of special times.

Assisting Genealogists

Researching the past and searching out obituaries and glimpses into the lives of our ancestors has become a passion for many. BlueSky Memorials provides an easily accessible resource for genealogists, today and in the future. By linking to popular genealogy sites, BlueSky Memorials provides a means for others throughout the world to find the records and tributes created here.

BlueSky Memorials wants to bring the past to life again. Let us create a personal memorial tribute for someone you loved for only $95. You will receive a one-page Internet tribute, an 8x10 copy suitable for framing, and your memorial tribute on a CD-ROM. Be assured that your loved one will not be forgotten, and contact us today.

I desire no future that breaks its ties with the past. --George Eliot

Contact Us

BlueSky Memorials is a division of Palmerworks Design. Palmerworks creates sites for individuals and small businesses. We offer a variety of packages and styles, and will tailor-make a site that meets your needs.

Our work is professional and affordable. Check out our portfolio and pricing, and take a look at our special one-page "business card" site for only $225. Visit Palmerworks today.

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